Get your liquor license at It’s now active!

That’s right! We are breaking in the new year of 2012 with the launch of our website. How is this significant you might ask??? Put it this way, we’ll be able to help you out better than in the past without you even having to pick up the phone or send an email.

The design is straightforward. No gimmicks, which reflects the way we run our business. With the new website (, we’ll give you plenty of information about all things liquor license related. “What’s a CUP?” Well, it’s not something you use to drink liquid from… It’s a Conditional Use Permit, that is more often than not required to operate your business with a liquor licenses. You see! You’ll find out plenty of tidbits about the world of liquor licenses without even having to contact us… BUT, please do! We like hearing voices from actual people! Just don’t be an automated telemarketing machine (we like to talking to people that want to hold a conversation).

To keep this short and sweet, the website will be your haven for all things liquor license. Buy one, sell one or just brag about one. It’s your call. Happy 2012!