It’s Been a Long Time Coming…

Yes folks. You can welcome us, Art Rodriguez & Associates, into the world of, well, the internet!!!

After operating successfully over the years, we’re in the process of getting our website up and running. It’s gonna be well worth the wait as not only will we offer our services online, everything we post will be meant to inform you about our services, updates about all things liquor-related, city/county/state-related and you-the-client-or-entrepeneur-related.

Whether its fee increases by municipalities or the state — which truly sucks if you ask us or anyone else for that matter — we want to let you know. Want to win the lottery?! Of course we can help. Oops, we forgot to mention that its not the big money jackpot lottery we can help you with, more so along the lines of the Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control (ABC) liquor license lottery, that is. We wouldn’t be working if we are able to help ourselves win the big money lottery…

Nevertheless, this was created for you, the viewer, to stay informed and to be able to ask us questions about how we can help us help you. Stay tuned for updates about our website and other new, wonderful online avenues.


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